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Project Team
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Our pandemic inspired shift used allocated participant funds to hire an amazing team of PhD candidate researchers:


Stephanie Lunn

Florida International University


Profiling of CSEd Institutions and programs - capturing student and advisor experiences


Alejandra S. Méndez Irizarry

Universidad de Puerto Rico


Profiling of CSEd Organizations and events - categorizing career skills and opportunities 


Carolina Moreira

Federal University of Paraná


Profiling of CSEd Organizations and events - categorizing career skills and opportunities 


Julie M. Smith

University of North Texas


Creating and executing the Fall 2020 Virtual Conference and Study Groups and their subsequent papers

Maira Head Shoot - web resolution.jpg

Maíra Marques Samary

University of Chile


Profiling of CSEd Institutions and programs - capturing student and advisor experiences

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Ethel Tshukudu

University of Glasgow


Profiling of CSEd Organizations and events - categorizing career skills and opportunities 


Weena  Naowaprateep

Mahidol University


Profiling of CSEd Organizations and events - categorizing career skills and opportunities 




SageFox Consulting Group

Alan Peterfreund, Ph.D., has 35 years of experience as a consultant, evaluator, and researcher for clients in the public and private sectors of business, government and education. Dr. Peterfreund has a Ph.D. in Geology from Arizona State University and has been a research faculty member at Brown University. He participated in numerous NA SA planetary exploration missions studying Mars, Venus, and the moons of Jupiter. A career-shift in 1984 led to 16 years of consulting in the private and public sector with primary emphasis on organizational change, quality management, and employee participation. In 2000, Dr. Peterfreund began to focus on supporting higher education partners in projects that address the broadening of participation in the sciences, graduate student development, and other educational reforms. For the past 15 years, computer science education has been a major focus with ongoing leadership and evaluation role with Expanding Computer Education Pathways (ECEP) and serving as P.I. for RPPforCS and CSEdGrad.



Purdue University

Susanne E. Hambrusch is a professor of Computer Science at Purdue University. She served as the Department Head from 2002-07 and as the Interim Head 2018-19. From 2010 to 2013, she served as the
Director of the Computing and Communication Foundations (CCF) Division in the CISE Directorate at NSF. Her research interests are in query and data management, computer science education, and analysis of algorithms. She has been involved in a number of computer science education projects focused on computational thinking, AP Principles, and professional development for teachers. Susanne currently serves on CRA’s board and she is a co-chair on CRA’s Education committee (CRA-E). She was a member of the CRA committee publishing the Generation CS report on the undergraduate enrollments. She co-chaired a National Academies Committee on the Growth of Computer Science Undergraduate Enrollments which published a report on the many drivers of the surge in undergraduate enrollments.



Michigan State University

Dr. Aman Yadav is a Professor in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology Program and Director of Master of Arts in Educational Technology at Michigan State University. His research and teaching focuses on improving student experiences and outcomes in computer science and engineering classrooms at the K-16 level. Within this line of inquiry, he studies: 1) how to prepare pre-service and in-service teachers to teach computing ideas, such as how to integrate computational thinking ideas within subject areas; and (2) how to implement active learning approaches to improve student outcomes in undergraduate computer science and engineering. He has been a PI/Co-PI on several NSF-funded projects to design, implement, and assess professional development programs that support teachers to bring computer science and computational thinking to elementary and secondary classrooms. His work has been published in a number of leading journals, including ACM Transactions on Computing Education, Journal of Research in Science Teaching, Journal of Engineering Education, and Communications of the ACM. He serves as an associate editor Computer Science Education. 



SageFox Consulting Group

Stacey Sexton graduated in May 2017 with their M.Ed. and MPPA from UMass Amherst. They have been working in education evaluation and assessment for five years. Stacey's recent work has been a deep dive into Research Practice Partnerships (RPPs) and the impact that this research modality has on Computer Science Education Research. Stacey approaches their work with a firm commitment to the principles of equity, inclusion, and social justice and it is their belief that well-done research and evaluation is critical to moving educational practice forward to reflect these principles.Outside of work you are likely to find Stacey doing some form of political organizing. Stacey also enjoys gardening, hiking, and taking pictures of their dog.   



SageFox Consulting Group

Jordan Esiason joined SageFox as a Research Assistant in 2018. He earned his degrees in Mathematics and Music Composition at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in May of 2019. Jordan has previously been employed as a Special Projects Assistant for the Residential Life department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he was responsible for performing benchmarking research and reporting, among other duties. When not at work he can be found writing music, tinkering with his 3D printer, or buying more houseplants that he doesn’t have room for.



SageFox Consulting Group

Brianna Johnston joined the SageFox team in 2014 as an office administrator. Brianna works part time  as the travel coordinator for all of SageFox’s various trips,  keeps track of company expenses, helps with many design aspects for the team, and has become the webmaster. Having run her own graphic design business for many years, she is now very happy to be a part of a larger team. She received her BA from Western New England College with a focus in Communications and brings that experience into day to day life here at SageFox. Brianna lives in Monson, MA with her husband and  two children and works part time for her town school district as the District Communication and Programs Administrator. 

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