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Study Group Schedule and Materials

The groups are based on chapters of The Cambridge Handbook of Computing Education Research. The chapters for each study group are listed below.


For those who don't have much time but would still like to participate, the videos provide excellent summaries of the material. And if you want to take a deeper dive into the subject, check out the related materials section. 



The History of CSEd

August 24 - September 4

Chapter One: The History of Computing Education Research (PDF)

Additional coverage in the Handbook

  • Section 3.1: Computing Education Literature Review and Voices from the Field, Introduction

  • Section 8.1.1 Learning Sciences and Computing Education: Twins Separated at Birth

  • Section 17.1.1 Computation

  • Section 19.1 Computing for the Rest of Us

  • Section 19.2 Learning Programming to Think with

  • Section 22.2 A Brief History of Tangible Computing Education

Related Materials



Learning Theories

September 5 - September 16


Learning to Program

October 23 - November 3

Chapter 12: Novice Programmers and Introductory Programming

Chapter 27: Student Knowledge and Misconceptions

Related Materials:

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